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Operation Bird’s Eye

Aerial Applications Leverages UAV Technology for Public Safety Operations in Sandwich, MA

UAVs are valuable tools for public safety.

Unmanned aircraft vehicles (UAVs) can significantly reduce search-and-rescue response time, deliver critical medical supplies, create detailed maps of landscapes, and provide real-time video of traffic flow.

To demonstrate the multifaceted use of UAVs and the significance of drone mapping software, photogrammetry, GIS mapping, and the like, Aerial Applications and officials from the town of Sandwich, MA, partnered to deploy Operation Bird’s Eye.

This case study covers how the operation improved public safety by demonstrating how UAVs can efficiently and effectively provide:

  • Search and rescue with a real-time video feed to control/command center and deployed marine units
  • Coastal monitoring for shark and sea lion activity
  • Imagery of shoreline and coastal erosion issues
  • Real-time video feed of choke points and high volume traffic areas for traffic management

Download the case study to learn more about the future of drone data management solutions to keep communities safe.

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