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Smart Drone Solutions Tailor-Made for the
Oil & Gas Industry

From field to refinery, UAVs do more for less.

Oil & Gas industry investment in UAV technology is ramping up, and it’s not hard to see why — drones have the capability to dramatically reduce the cost of remote monitoring, minimize the number of required field personnel, improve compliance and proactive maintenance, and make assets and facilities more secure.

But realizing these goals isn’t as simple as hiring a drone pilot. Getting actionable data and intelligence from UAVs requires the right software and the right people to bring together every link in the chain.

Aerial Applications: Fully Integrated Drone Solutions

Our mapping software is trusted by organizations like Comcast, Verizon, and the US Air Force to help map and monitor assets and infrastructure.

Unlike other UAV software providers, Aerial Applications has the ability to recommend appropriate solutions, connect customers with a network of pilots, and manage the entire process from start to finish.


Real-Time Video Monitoring

Supplement or replace expensive and unreliable security officers and cameras with continuous drone flyovers and high-definition video feeds.


Standardized Data Collection

Drones collect data that’s more consistent and of higher quality than planes or helicopters (and can do so more often). Aerial Applications can ensure your data is always clean, actionable, and accessible.


Independent Data Validation

Our powerful GIS software can be used to create a digital twin of your oilfield, pipeline, or refinery that can be accessed remotely. Use it to verify field conditions against an accurate and continually updated 3D model.

Aerial Applications: Fully Integrated Drone Solutions

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